Recovery Technologies

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Due to the depletion of available resources and increase of consumption in an uncontrollable manner, scientific studies and investments in the field of recycling technologies are increasing in Turkey and around the World. In our country, TUBITAK MRC Institute of Chemical Technology  has completed numerous projects offering innovative solutions for recovery industries. The scope of R&D projects:
• Increasing of waste collection and handling capacity based on environmental, economic and social benefits,
• Evaluation of existing recycling facilities in terms of the technical and economic framework and determination of appropriate recycling technologies,
• Development of recycling processes and establishment of the recovery facility using appropriate technology,
• Development of recycling technology for waste batteries, 
• Development of recycling technology for waste mineral oil,
• Development of precious metal recovery from exhausted catalysts,
• Recovery studies of rare earth elements,
• Preparation and implementation of technical and administrative standards (specifications)