Pocess Development

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TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center (MRC) Institute of Chemical Technology Process Development Research Group aims to provide R&D support in order to develop processes related to the chemical technologies in line with the requirements of Turkey and demands of customers and to improve the competitive power of national chemical technology related industry at the international market.

Process Development Research Group carries out product development and optimization activities co-ordinately with the other groups within the production technologies strategic unit and the groups in other strategic units when the need arises.


Chemical Process Design

  • In this area of expertise, flow chart design for the designated chemical processes, definitions of units of the processes and connections of units to each other are carried out.

Modelling and Simulations

  • In this area of expertise, observation and comprehension activities for the initially designed chemical processes by dividing the process or system into pieces are carried out by using known solution techniques and computer simulations.

Process Control

  • In this area of expertise, during the design phase or existing processes, to improve product quality, to control the rapid changes, to reduce production costs and to ensure compatibility with the environment of the production facility activities are carried out.


  • In this area of expertise, considering the operating conditions of the process after design and modelling activities, optimization of the process variables and parameters are carried out

Feasibility Studies

  • In this area of expertise, in order to define the economical potentials and applicability’s of the projects related to the chemical technologies (partial, new, completely new investment, modernization etc.) predictions of the investment period based on determination of technical and financial data are carried out.