Medical Device Technology

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TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center, Institute of Chemical Technology has started the R&D facilities in biomedical field regarding production of high value-added products for reducing their reliance on export. For this purpose, Institute of Chemical Technology, as well as the studies of new product development, provides R&D support the projects enhancing competitiveness of Turkey in cooperation with industry in national / international market. The relevant product groups at several stages up to the manufacturing process from raw material are served by our research group.
Work / Areas of Expertise
Medical Textiles
Medical textiles are one of the most important issues of the fast growing technical textile studies in recent years. Technical Medical Textile in the field of medical devices has many uses particularly within body applications from sutures to composite scaffolds. In our research group, new applications of 2 and 3 dimensional woven scaffold products which form the basis of complex biomaterials are studied within body.
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Biomaterials
Our research group, work on development of diagnostic and therapeutic biomaterials activities, which has highly interdisciplinary field of study, and, production and development of natural and synthetic polymeric raw material based biomaterials.
Biodegradable and Permanent Implants
New and innovative product developments in natural and synthetic polymeric materials based on biomaterials hard tissue applications are executed.
Drug Delivery Systems
In addition to the development of natural and synthetic polymeric nano-delivery systems, pilot scale production studies of various anticancer and antifungal agents carrying liposomal systems are carried out.

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