Gas Capture Systems

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One of our institute’s primary goals is development of high added value - new generation solid adsorbents and systems used for gas capture in defence industry.

  • Adsorbents for Gas Capture: Development of organic / inorganic solid adsorbents and their pilot-scale production, chemical and textural characterization, measurement of material durability and cyclic regenerability by both dynamic and gravimetric procedures for various gas combinations, including corrosive gases.
  • Gas Masks and Filters: Development of adsorbent and catalyst for mask filters against toxic gases, their characterization and performance measurement. R & D works, especially, for production of chemicals used in oxygen generating self-rescue breathing apparatus in our country.
  • Process design for Gas Capture: Design of the cyclic adsorption/desorption processes as TSA, VSA and PSA with development of regeneration strategy
  • Systems for capturing carbon dioxide (CO2): Development of CO2 capture systems from ambient air for defense applications.