Energetic Materials

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“Energetic Materials” Strategic Business Unit Group

Institute of Chemical Technology, at the field of Defense industry by taking into consideration the protection of the interests of our country at the global level, work on production of energetic materials which meet our country's national security requirements.

Priority of all our R&D works is for playing a leading role in the development of science and technology of our country and with a vision of an indisputable national defense, aviation and space industry which contribute to social welfare.

In line with the objective of gaining competitive advantage in the world of our country, to gain the ability to develop defense technology, is directly related with the competencies of qualified laboratories for strategic R & D projects.

In Vision 2023 Technology Foresight Study, as part of gaining the ability to develop defense technology in our country, , "Critical weapons, ammunition and to improve protection systems and technologies" are among the prior technological activity subjects.

Taking into consideration the geographical location of our country, because of in military sense recent changes in the region, improvement of our technological capabilities in areas related to ammunition technology is a must.

For this context, “National Energetic Materials Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory” is being established in TÜBİTAK MAM Gebze campus to produce production processes and feasibility study for international standards of energetic materials, which are used in military ammunitions, in our country instead of importing.

In line with its vision of becoming a self-sufficient country in defense industry and space technology, Study areas in Defense Technologies and Forensic Sciences Strategic Business Unit are,

  • Development of production processes of high-energy chemicals for Missile Technology subject to the control regime,
  • Chemical and physical characterization studies of high-energy substances,
  • Original high-energy chemical synthesis and characterization studies,
  • Establishment of new generation, high energy chemicals pilot scale production


Defense Technologies and Forensic Sciences Strategic Business Unit laboratories;

  • Energetic Materials Laboratory,
  • Forensic and Security Materials Technology Laboratory,
  • Adsorbent and Adsorption Technology R&D Laboratory,
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis Research Laboratory,