Asphalt and Applications Technologies

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Asphalt is a mixture of bitumen with crushed stone gravel or sand, used for paving or roofing. Significant improvements on asphalt production and application techniques having low environmental impact have been made by increasing environmental awareness. Since global warming is a serious threat to the world, awareness of environmental issues has increased and more stringent environmental and emission specifications have been adopted.

In TUBITAK MRC Institute of Chemical Technology, projects that provide added value to the national economy in terms of the effective and efficient use of natural resources, environmental pollution, human health, energy, application and maintenance cost have been carried out such as,
• Development of production technologies for warm mix asphalt additives,
• Development of production technologies for asphalt anti-stripping additives (DOP) and cold asphalt additives,
• Use and application study of reclaimed asphalt pavement.