Applied Electrochemical Processes

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Electrochemical processes are technological applications based on chemical process and electrical current. By means of these processes which have many application field: chemical synthesis, anode-cathode production, metal removel/recovery from solution and surface plating processes can be done. With membrane electrolyis chlorine/alkaline process caustic production, galvanize plating process, copper production with electrowinning, seperation of various chemicals with electrodialysis are mong the industrially important electrochemical processes. 

Electrochemical processes are of great importance for our country because of widespread use, economical value and environmentally friendliness. Electrochemical processes are used effectively for industries such as energy, defense, metal and automotive. Therefore, development and optimization of these processes and development of  production methods for import-dependent process equipments for our country.

TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center, Applied Electrochemical Processes Reseacrh Group  in the Institute of Chemical Technology.

Study areas:

  • Anode, cathode, electrolyte ve additives production
  • Electrochemical seperation technology (Electrodialysis, Electrodeionization)
  • Membrane electrolysis processes
  • Electrodeposition based solar cell development