Inorganic Analysis Laboratory

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There are ten Inorganic Analysis Laboratories at the Institute of Chemical Technology. Quality control and tests of inorganic based raw materials and products, reverse engineering studies, structural description and development studies, development of new analysis methods, pilot plant trials and consultancy services have been realized for the private sector, public institutions, universities and research institutions.
• Inorganic Analysis – Instrumental Laboratories
• Inorganic Analysis – Sample Preparation Laboratory
• Inorganic Analysis – Wet Analysis Laboratory
• Inorganic Analysis - Titration Laboratory
• Inorganic Analysis – Heating and Ashing Laboratory
• Inorganic Analysis – Balance Room
• Determination of the content of inorganic materials
• Wet Chemical Analysis
• Instrumental Analysis
• Physical Experiments and Analysis
• Analysis of Cleaning Materials
• Oil Analysis
• Various Studies in Pilot Plant
Laboratory Equipments:
• AAS Spectrometer
• ICP Spectroscopy
• Ion Chromatography
• Physisorption and Chemisorption Analyzer
• Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry
• Mastersizer Particle Size Analyzer
• Carbon -Sulfur Analyzer
• Elemental Analyzer (C,H,N)
• Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES)
• Gas Chromatography
• Karl Fischer Titrator (Coulometric and Volumetric)
• TAN – TBN Titrator
• Color Spectrophotometer
• Flash Point Tester
• Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA)
• Kinematic Viscosity Analyzer
• Ashing Furnaces
• UV/Vis Spectroscopy
• Zetasizer
• Density Meter
• Kjeldahl Total Nitrogen Analyzer
• Titrators (Volumetric and Potentiometric)