Drug Research Laboratory

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A number of research projects on the production and development of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) have been managed in “Drug Research Laboratory” of the Chemical Technology Institute. Our research activities are constituted on a basis of multi-lateral benefits of our project partners, such as industry, academia as well as governmental institutions. Development of scalable production methods of fine chemicals is of our primary research interests. Consequently, our research activities are centered on organic synthesis and (asymmetric) catalysis. Recently, a project on the development of production processes for dionine and codeine was successfully completed for our country, a traditional producer of opium products.
Research Areas
• Development of the scalable production processes
• Synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals
• Synthesis of opium alkaloids
• Asymmetric catalysis
• NMR spectroscopy
• (Chiral) GC and HPLC
• High performance liquid chromatograpy (HPLC) equipped with chiral and achiral columns
• Gas chromatography (GC) equipped with chiral and achiral columns
• UV cabinet
• Polarimeter
• Rotary evaporators