Catalyst Research Laboratory

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In the “Catalyst Research Laboratory” of the “Production Technologies” Strategic Unit of the Chemical Technology Institute, R&D projects which aims to ensure sustainable development of our country are carried out. Clean and efficient production technologies of liquid fuel and valuable chemicals from synthesis gas which can be obtained from several sources such as coal, natural gas and biomass and their usage in other sectors in efficient manner are investigated.

In order to synthesis the catalysts and evaluation of the synthesized catalysts performances at different conditions (high pressure, high temperature, etc.) a competent infrastructure is available in this laboratory. Simulations for the developed catalyst samples which are suitable for use at pilot and industrial scale could be performed. The results could be used to execute the following researches:

• Development of the production processes
• Specification of the application lifecycle
• Determination of the physical and chemical properties
• Definition and investigation of the environmental effects on the product

Laboratory Devices
• Gas chromatography (GC) (Agilent 7890B)
• Catalyst test system for powder and pellet catalyst samples
• Rotary evaporator