TUBITAK MAM participated in TOBB TOBB Turkey's Council of Chemical Industry

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TOBB Turkey's Council of Chemical Industry was gathered in Ankara on 11th February 2016. In the “Subventions of Export and Investment Subsidies” themed meeting, continuing and expanding the scope of support and incentive mechanisms were described in detail with presentations by representatives of the Ministry of Economy.

Council Member and Deputy Director of TÜBİTAK MAM Institute of Chemical Technology Assoc. Dr. Serdar Sezer participated in the meeting. It is also denoted that sector councils play important roles in the development of the industrial oriented policies in the meeting. In this regard, the importance of the chemical industry which provides raw materials and intermediate inputs for more than 30 industries was expressed. As a closing remark of the meeting, it was emphasized that the economic development of our country was in line with the growth of the chemical industry.